A Year in Review: Top 20 Favorite Outfits!

Doing this blog over the course of 2013 has been so much fun!  I’ve also learned tons about myself and my own personal style.  Looking back at all the pictures from the past year, I can see an evolution and an even bigger love of fashion than when I first started.  Interestingly enough, many of the pieces in my favorite outfits are no longer in my closet, which goes to show you how you really don’t need much at all to keep in style, as long as you can keep your creativity up!

My favorite 20 outfits from this past year!

 wpid-C360_2013-01-12-14-37-40.jpg wpid-C360_2013-02-03-11-03-07.jpg

wpid-PhotoGrid_1362116595470.jpg wpid-PhotoGrid_1362938048106.jpg wpid-C360_2013-03-26-18-02-27.jpg wpid-C360_2013-06-09-10-25-06-227.jpg

Camera 360 Camera 360


wpid-CYMERA_20130818_210547.jpg wpid-CYMERA_20130830_084849.jpg

wpid-CYMERA_20130915_172201.jpg wpid-CYMERA_20131008_180632.jpg

wpid-CYMERA_20131006_115839.jpg wpid-CYMERA_20131103_133119.jpg

wpid-CYMERA_20131204_181317.jpg wpid-IMG_20131212_214317.jpg

wpid-CYMERA_20131221_145537.jpg wpid-CYMERA_20131224_195320.jpg


2 thoughts on “A Year in Review: Top 20 Favorite Outfits!

  1. congrats on finishing your challenge! love all of the variety in your top 20, including your different haircuts/styles! what’s next for you??

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